Parish History.

The Parish was established in 1957, Partington had been part of Sale Parish, but had very few Catholics. After Canon Andrew Campbell came to Sale in 1947 he organised a bus to bring people from Partington to St. Joseph’s for Sunday Mass. Eventually some property and land were acquired. This included ‘Tower House’ in Chapel Lane and the club and church nearby, which had belonged to the Congregationalists. Benches were taken from this old church and put into the club, where Father George Evans celebrated the first Mass in 1956.

The Old 

'Tower House'

 In 1957 Father John Hoskinson was appointed as the first parish priest and took up residence in ‘Tower House’. This was pulled down when the present church and presbytery were built in 1964.

 Since this time there have been a succession of Parish Priests, and the Parish has had it’s ‘ups’ and ‘downs’. In 1999 the Diocese of Shrewsbury Property and Pastoral Review, after a long process of consultation, decided to keep a resident Parish Priest in Partington, at a time when several other parishes are being served from other churches. Part of the reasoning behind this decision was that this priest assists in the wider area. The present Parish Priest, Father Niall Mullaley, assists at All Saints, Ashton-on-Mersey, St. Margaret Ward, Sale West and with various Chaplaincy work in Schools and Hospitals.

 Although the Parish does not have the numbers it did in the past it remains a very actively and lively Christian Community of different ages and backgrounds.


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